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Tribal Casinos in the United States and Canada

A tribal casino is a wonderful place for fun and entertainment and you will find yourself always coming back for more of what they have to offer.  The beautiful thing about tribal casinos is that they do not pay any form of tax, be it federal or state taxes.  They are also excluded from local taxes.  After a tribal casino makes profit the profit will be redistributed and then forwarded to the tribal members. While they do not pay taxes, the federal government still gets a good portion of the profit made by the tribal casinos.  If it is a large scale casino, however, it will have to make agreements as regards state taxes with the right authorities.  They offer their clients a lot of fun and entertainment too and this is one of the reasons why tribal casinos are amazing.

Check below for more interesting things about tribal casinos in Canada and the United States.

US and Canada tribal casinos

You can find tribal casinos in Canada and the United States also. The rules we have mentioned above as regards taxation also apply to the tribal casinos in these places. While the tribal casinos in the United States and Canada are similar in some areas, some differences also exist between the two of them; some of these differences will be discussed in the course of this write-up.  Tribal casinos are amazing as there are up to 470 of such gaming establishments in  the united states alone being operated by up to 240  American Indians. Another name for tribal casinos is the First Nations, considering the fact that the red Indians came to America long before the Europeans came over in years past.  

You can find up to 20 casinos in five provinces being operated by the First Nation gaming industry. The industry is also one of the wealthiest in the United States today with up to $29 billion estimated worth. In the case of Canada, the tribal casino can boast of revenue up to $1 billion. 

Tribal casinos in the United States 

 Tribal casinos started in the United States in the 1970s. The first one to be established was by the Seminole Tribe in Florida. The company started with high-stakes on a reservation.  They ventured into bingo operation in 1975. Over 240 other tribes came up after them to establish tribe casinos following the example of the Seminole Tribe.  Tribal gaming is even referred to as the main revenue earner in the gaming industry in America today. 

Tribal casinos in Canada

You can find 17 tribal casinos in Canada today.  You will find 5 of them in Alberta, 3 in Ontario, 2 in Manitoba, one in British Columbia and 6 in Saskatcheven. One of the most wonderful things about the tribal casino industry in Canada is how it has successfully become an essential part of the gamboling landscape under a short period of time. The tribal casino was declared to have no Aboriginal right to regular casino games in Canada in 1996. So, it does not enjoy as much privilege as it does in the United States.

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